Nutritional Therapy

We should all feel vibrant, enjoy, and be nourished by our food. Being healthy is so much more than just managing your health when you’re ill, its about prevention, its a journey towards creating a new way of living that promotes wellness. Most importantly it is unique to you, your lifestyle and your needs. It encompasses eating well and enjoying it, exercising for pleasure, emotional wellbeing, and a passion for life. You will learn the value and impact these have on your life.

Nutritional therapy focusses on personalised recommendations for diet, supplementation, and lifestyle, to support wellbeing and help you achieve your desired goal. It is a therapeutic journey where we seek to find and address the root cause of imbalance thus enabling the body to come back to balance.


Prior to your consultation, you will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and a food diary. The consultation is a relaxed discussion allowing you to express any concerns, ask questions and receive information. Diet and lifestyle changes will be discussed and recommendations will be made, upon your agreement, that suit your individual goals and lifestyle. Occasionally, supplements and diagnostic testing may be recommended. It is then advised that a follow up consultation is made within 4-6 weeks to asses progress and make tweaks to the plan, where necessary. You may choose to only have a few consultations or may choose ongoing/longterm support, the choice is always yours, it is your journey.


90 mins at £50 initial consultutaion

60 mins at £35 follow up

Our Therapists & Pricing

Kate Ormsby DipCNM, mBANT, CNHC reg

Kate is a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist, with specialist training and interest in all aspects of Women’s Health. She also has significant expertise and interest in weight management, digestive health, balancing hormones & general chronic health conditions. Kate’s warm and empathetic personality, and her supportive, client-centred approach, help her to fully understand each client

Initial Consultation

£ 75

90 mins Session

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follow up

£ 45

30-45 mins Session

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