Art Therapy

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that provides a safe and respectful space in which to express and communicate feelings and thoughts using art materials.  It is not a diagnostic tool, more a context in which to explore emotional issues which may be confusing or distressing. It may therefore be helpful for people who experience mental health difficulties, such as anxiety, stress or depression

Various art materials are provided, however, it is not an art lesson, and no previous experience or skill in art making is needed.  The image will not be judged, but used as a way of seeing and reflecting on difficult emotions or problems.  This visual process will help connections to be made, so that a deeper understanding of emotional difficulties or thought patterns can take place.

Christine Scawin, Art Therapist BAAT, Reg. HCPC

Christine is an Art Therapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council Christine has worked as an Art Therapist in mental health settings with adults, and has also worked as a Speech & Language Therapist in the NHS.  She currently volunteers as a facilitator for a mental health charity supporting adults in an art

50 mins session

£ 45

  • single 50 mins session
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introductory session

£ 35

  • 50 mins introductory session
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