Counselling enables you talk about your problems and feelings in a safe and confidential environment and can be of great support during periods of crisis or change.

As a counsellor, I will provide you with a safe, supportive space to work on whatever is troubling you. That may be something specific, such as anxiety, panic attacks or persistent low mood. It may also be something that feels harder to put into words, such as repeating the same relationship patterns, failing to achieve your goals or feeling that you have simply lost your way in life. Whatever you are bringing, we will go at your pace, discussing the difficult issues when you feel you are ready.

By exploring how your past has shaped who you are today, you can achieve increased self-understanding and self-acceptance. As Carl Rogers said, ‘The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change’. Feeling better about yourself can also lead to improvements in your relationships.  As we better understand ourselves, we can better understand and be more forgiving of others. Confidence and a new sense of direction can also flow from this enhanced self-knowledge. The ability to seek positive change opens up as we heal and learn to move forward.

Counselling can be offered on a short or longer-term basis. The length of time we work together will be tailored to what you are looking for. I am a qualified, experienced, BACP registered counsellor, able to offer Psychodynamic Counselling and CBT.


  Qualified and experienced, I provide short and long-term affordable counselling and CBT for a range of experiences including panic attacks, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. I can offer you the opportunity to process painful past experiences, understand how they affect you now and develop strategies to help you make positive changes in your life.

Adult one hour session

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