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Do you feel tired all the time? Do you seem to pick up any cold, or flu bug going? Maybe your energy and constitution is weak. This can be strengthened by many therapies, of which Reiki is one. The practice of Reiki, which supports healing as well as personal development came from Japan in the early 1900s, and was introduced to the west in 1938. It has seen several changes so as to be accepted by the different cultures.



During Val’s courses you will learn some of the original Japanese practices as well as the more well known Western techniques. This is fun, yet informative days to help you cope with the demands and ailments of modern times by rebalancing your Ki. You will be able to observe your energy and chakras changing on a fantastic computer program. You should come away feeling stronger and more able to help ourselves and others.

Dates for the next course to be confirmed



Reiki II- Okuden, or Inner Teachings. During this day you will learn how to connect with the Universal Energy using Shirushi, symbols and Jumon, mantras. This day also prepares you to become a professional Reiki practitioner if you so wish. It will also give you the techniques to send healing to the past or future as well as to a different place in the now. So you will be able to help family and friends, no matter where they are.

Dates for the next course to be confirmed

Inversion Workshop with Lauren!

Try AcroYoga!


The workshop will feature a yoga warm up, drills and exercises, techniques for headstand, forearm stand and handstand, and some wrist/arm Thai massage cool down. We will also be looking at various props to aid inversions like my feet-up (google it!), socks (pls bring), and yoga blocks. We will look at how to fall safely from a handstand and how to spot each other.

Come and get upside down with me! There are SO many benefits to going upside down such as, improved circulation, detoxification, stimulation of nervous system, and building core strength – just to name a few.

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About the teacher:

Lauren is a playful teacher, who is keen to share her love for inversions. She is also a RYT300 Yoga teacher, who has taught Yoga in the UK & India. She currently teaches weekly Yoga and AcroYoga classes in Brighton, workshops in the UK and Europe, and constantly updates her experience at European Acrobatic conventions.




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