Intuitive healing combines energy healing with guidance.   It is deeply relaxing, energising and very informative.   Our bodies tend to react to the day to day stresses of life in different ways, some people suffer with physical symptoms and others with emotional issues.   Intuitive healing works on a deeper level of understanding of the body and being able to go to the root cause of the symptom.   You will also be given guidance about how to move forward in a very gentle and non-invasive way.   Intuitive healing works by healing from inside out and really listening to what is going on in the body.   It is an extremely nurturing treatment.

You will have a short consultation with the therapist who will then ask you to take off your shoes and lie on a couch.   You will then be covered with a blanket up to your shoulders and the treatment will begin. Working together with the therapist she can help you to acknowledge difficulties or emotional blocks in the body and help you to move on with structure and purpose in life.

Our Therapists & Pricing

Sally Roberts RGN RSCN HV Cert DNC

Sally Roberts is a trained nurse as well as the owner of the Holistic Health Clinic. She has a strong belief in the integration of complementary and mainstream medicine — her intuitive healing sessions combine a down to earth approach with healing, guidance and direction.

Adults One Hour Session

£ 45

  • Single 1 Hour Session
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Childrens session

£ 25

  • Single Session
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