Courses & Workshops

Psychic Awareness -6 sessions once a month on  Saturdays
SEPT 16TH,  OCT 14TH,  NOV 11TH,  JAN 13TH 2018,  FEB 10TH 2018,  MARCH 10TH 2018

Beginners 11.00am – 1.00pm
More experienced 1.30pm – 3.30pm
With Sally Roberts
Have fun learning how to increase your awareness and explore your intuition and inner knowing that we so often ignore. Using meditation, visualisation and higher guidance. Individual attention is always given.

NEW Weekly Psychic Development Group
with Sally Roberts
This is for anyone wanting to practice their skills and anyone who simply enjoys psychic work.
Meditation and various other exercises will be included to help you develop and hone your psychic skills.
Cost is £40 for 4 consecutive weeks
or £12.50 per week.


£75 10-4pm

A day to consolidate your healing abilities Learn how to use your intuition and inner guidance to harness a powerful healing energy to help others

Small groups to help and support is continually given

Reiki Level I 

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you seem to pick up any cold, or flu bug going? Maybe your energy and constitution is weak. This can be strengthened by many therapies, of which Reiki is one. The practice of Reiki, which supports healing as well as personal development, came from Japan in the early 1900s, and was introduced to the west in 1938. It has seen several changes so as to be accepted by the different culture of the west. During Val’s courses you will learn some of the original Japanese practices as well as the more well known Western techniques. This is fun, yet informative days to help you cope with the demands and ailments of modern times by rebalancing your Ki. You will be able to observe your energy and chakras changing on a fantastic computer program. You should come away feeling stronger and more able to help ourselves and others..

2018:   Sunday 25th FEB 10-4 pm

Sunday 22ND APRIL 10-4 pm

Sunday 24TH JUNE 10-4 pm

Sunday  26th AUGUST 10-4 pm

Sunday  21st OCTOBER 10-4pm


Reiki Level II

Reiki II- Okuden, or Inner Teachings. During this day you will learn how to connect with the Universal Energy using Shirushi, symbols and Jumon, mantras. This day also prepares you to become a professional Reiki practitioner if you so wish. It will also give you the techniques to send healing to the past or future as well as to a different place in the now. So you will be able to help family and friends, no matter where they are.

2018: Sunday 21st January 10-4 pm

Sunday 25th March 10-4pm

Sunday 20th May  10-4pm

Sunday 22nd July 10-4pm

Sunday 23rd September 10-4pm

Sunday 25th November 10-4pm


please note all workshops are on a Sunday, however, other dates can be arranged. Just contact us at the clinic

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