Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face.   The areas are massaged using firm yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points called Marma points.   The use of oils are optional.

A typical indian head massage treatment combines massage techniques with gentle stretches in order to loosen and mobilise the muscles and joints of the arms, shoulders and neck. The scalp and face are then gently but deeply massaged. Oils can optionally be used to improve the condition of the hair.

A treatment lasts for forty five minutes and includes a medical history, the actual treatment, and recommendations for diet and lifestyle.

Paula Chapman ACMT (BTEC Level 5), ITEC Dip Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage, CThA

I am a passionate Clinical Massage Therapist providing bespoke and intuitive treatments tailored to and focusing on the needs of my clients. I specialise in using advanced massage techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, hot/cold therapy and stretching to help people out of pain or to reduce it significantly enough to improve quality of life, increase range of motion, improve posture, treat general stress/tension and of course to relax.

Adults One Hour Session

£ 45

  • Single 1 Hour Session
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