Systematic Kinesiology was  created in the 1960’s  by Dr Goodheart. He discovered that each body muscle is related to an energy circuit and each circuit is connected to an organ, a gland, a meridian and an emotion. If there is stress to the circuit, it becomes blocked or out of balance.  Kinesiology uses the action of  muscle testing  to access the  subconscious  mind, and it corrects imbalances of energy within the physical, emotional and mental systems of the body.

This technique can help with health problems that most people put up with, either because they have sought help but received no relief or because it isn’t bad enough to go to the doctor.

Emotions can cause stress, whether it be anxiety, sadness, depression, grief, fear, etc. Stress causes cortisol production, which can then crystalise in organs and create imbalances in the body.  If emotions are left unresolved, they can start blocking up, causing physical issues. Remove the root cause of the problem and everything can flow again.

Systematic Kinesiology works with the Chinese medicine meridian system and the Ayurvedic chakra system to balance energy centres.




Our Therapists & Pricing

Carlotta Lazzaro, Dip Ayurveda Diet and lifestyle Cert. ASK (Certificate of Advanced Systematic Kinesiology) Member oASK (association of Systematic Kinesiology)

Carlotta specialises in emotional and digestive healing. She incorporates many different techniques to get results, from using gentle manipulation techniques, nutritional therapy,  five elements meridian therapy, Bach flower remedies plus gentle stress and past trauma releases techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), and NLP techniques.  

Initial Session

£ 80

  • Single 90 Minute Session
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Follow Up Session

£ 60

  • Single One Hour Session
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