Medium Sittings

“Medium readings are for anyone seeking positive guidance, greater self-awareness and inspiration. To realise the reality and closeness of spirits who have passed on and to understand the continual interaction they play in our lives is a source of great comfort, but more than that it can remove fear and negativity from our lives, clearing the way for positive change.”

The practical and emotional guidance that spirit can give is a gift that can show us what we are capable of and inspire us to greatness. It can show us a path towards our true selves, towards happiness and freedom. Through a growth in our relationship with spirit, real, deep, lasting, positive change can occur in our lives.
“The world needs mediumship.”

What Happens In A Medium Reading? “We will sit opposite one another in a comfortable room, and then I will silently ask spirit what you need to know for your highest good. I will then simply talk, communicating to you what I am receiving. I may talk about past, present or future events. Information will be conveyed, detailing how you can progress forwards in life. If spirits of deceased loved ones present themselves to me I will tell you who they are and communicate what they have to say to you. You may ask questions at any time. A medium reading is a unique, fascinating and potentially life changing experience.”

Our Therapists & Pricing

Mike Russell

Mike is also a fully qualified higher education art tutor and has a MA in fine art.  His mediumship gift became apparent following a life threatening illness.  He then trained extensively to further his skills.

One Hour Sitting

£ 45

  • Includes Recording
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