Nutritional Therapy

My approach, I use the Naturopathic Medicine approaches to analyse and support
different health conditions in different genders and age groups.
Integrative or holistic nutritional medicine is dealing with the person as a whole including
Body, Mind and Environment.
Digging deep and explore the idea that the proper diet has a healing power on the
body physically and emotionally.
My target is supporting the nutritional state of the body through a tailored specific
nutritional plan that depends on client’s needs, health conditions and aims. T
plan includes 3 main pillars; Diet, Life style and Supplementation with essential nutrients,
which in turn is reflected on the performance of all body systems.
Consultation – this target is achieved by 90 minutes consultation where a full review
of all your body systems is analysed with your complains and aims, to set your
naturopathic nutritional plan with its three pillars, then a 45 minutes follow-up to discuss
the output of the plan and if there are any further approaches required.
My particular interest is supporting the Immune System as a safeguard for many
health problems e.g. infection, inflammation, cancer risk, autoimmune diseases,
skin diseases and proper health states for children and adults.
also I am interested in cardiovascular support, digestive problems, hormonal imbalance,
stress management, weight management, blood sugar control, children
health conditions e.g. asthma, eczema, and autism.

Our Therapists & Pricing

Dr Naglaa Abdelwahed (NT Dip, MSc, MBBCh)

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist who believes in the Healing Power of Nutrition.I started my career as a Doctor for 10 years, had my Masters degree in Immunology, so being a doctor and a nutritionist helps me to deal with health conditions from both sides, complementary and conventional and to find the integrated link

Initial Consultation

£ 70

90 mins Session

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follow up

£ 45

30-45 mins Session

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