Psychic Readings

“Psychic readings are for anyone seeking positive guidance, greater self-awareness and inspiration.”

The practical and emotional guidance that spirit can give is a gift that can show us what we are capable of and inspire us to greatness. It can show us a path towards our true selves, towards happiness and freedom. Through a growth in our relationship with spirit, real, deep, lasting, positive change can occur in our lives.

What Happens In A Psychic Reading? “We will sit opposite one another in a comfortable room, and then I will silently ask spirit what you need to know for your highest good. I will then simply talk, communicating to you what I am receiving. I may talk about past, present or future events. Information will be conveyed, detailing how you can progress forwards in life. If spirits of deceased loved ones present themselves to me I will tell you who they are and communicate what they have to say to you. You may ask questions at any time. A psychic reading is a unique, fascinating and potentially life changing experience.”


All medium/clairvoyant readings are an experiment that both parties enter into freely and results cannot be guaranteed

Our Therapists & Pricing

Mike Russell

Mike is also a fully qualified higher education art tutor and has a MA in fine art.  His mediumship gift became apparent following a life threatening illness.  He then trained extensively to further his skills.

One Hour Sitting

£ 45

  • Includes Recording
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