Solution-focused psychotherapy (with Sandy Sommers)  is a holistic approach that gets results fast. Sandy creates a safe space for clients to explore their feelings. She can help you understand and manage your emotions while guiding you gently towards the most effective way to make progress. Rather than dwelling on the problem, we move past it, develop coping mechanisms, learn how to break unhelpful patterns and create solutions.
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein. Often  important life lessons are learnt  as a result which help the client to move on.The sessions are  goal-and future orientated, we focus on what is possible and changeable, we take  small but consistent steps towards the desired outcome and we measure  progress  in every session.

This means clients usually notice an immediate improvement, they are aware of where they stand, what steps to take to  reach their goal and they feel  safe and supported  throughout the process.
Areas I work with:  work/life balance,  stress and anxiety relief,  letting go of fears and phobias,  weight loss and body confidence,  handling health issues and chronic pain,  overcome procrastination and self-sabotage,  tackle sleep problems,  trauma release,  release cravings and addictions,  increase self-confidence,  public speaking.

Our Therapists & Pricing

Initial Session

£ 75

  • 90 Minute Session
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One Hour Session

£ 60

  • One Hour Session
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