Recha Gries Counselling only £35/hour

With the new year approaching many people make new-year resolutions, like dieting, quitting smoking, drinking or spending less etc. But what stands behind these habits?   Don’t we often use them in order to comfort ourselves, to relax, to feel better? When we decide to quit these habits we might feel that we are depriving ourselves, making it harder to stick to our good intentions or even stop us from making these decisions in the first place. What if instead of drinking too much we could find other ways of being relaxed and start doing more of the things that truly make our heart sing?

How would it be if we could re-gain the inner strength that it often takes to claim the time to dedicate ourselves to these activities, instead of putting other people’s needs first?   What if we found it easier to assert ourselves against the expectations of others? What if instead of dieting, we could learn to feel comfortable in ourselves, perhaps even happy?

Through the integrative counselling   that I practice we can find creative ways of exploring   what is driving you to these unhealthy life style choices and how you can take the actions you need to take making 2019 an excellent year for yourself and start living to your full potential.

All sessions throughout January are at my concession price of £35, so why don’t you try something new today that might truly change your life forever?

Darren McCarthyRecha Gries Counselling only £35/hour