Thai Massage

It’s an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures emphasizing on the energy channels of the body.

The recipient of the massage wears loose, comfortable clothing and no oils or lotions are used in this treatment; rather than rubbing on muscles the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

Unlike western massage, Thai version focusses on circulation and pressure points promoting internal health as well as muscular flexibility. Elbows, feet, knees and legs are used to execute certain strokes and manipulations making the experience quite physical for both parties.

The receiver will be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions during the massage that are also combined with deep static and rhythmic pressures following designated energy lines (“sen”) in the body.

Monks and similar practitioners of healing transmitted Ayurvedic techniques to Thailand 2.500years ago, thus giving birth to the wonderful Thai Massage.

Our Therapists & Pricing

Helen Nestor Therapeutic Massage dip, NM, USA

Helen is a Holistic Therapeutic Massage Therapist with 11 years. experience.Treatments are tailored to the individual’s physical and emotional wellness using a variety of techniques.She’s trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, clinical ( treating rotator cuff and sciatica problems).lymphatic,myofacial release, reflexology, sports, aromatherapy,pregnancy, Thai floor massage, Ayurvedic massage, Indian head massage.

Adults One Hour Session

£ 45

  • Single 1 Hour Session
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Adults 90 minute Session

£ 60

  • Single 1 Hour Session
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