Advanced Clinical Massage

What is Advanced Clinical Massage?

Advanced Clinical Massage is ideal for treating musculoskeletal pain, specific conditions and injuries. The focus being to help you out of pain or to reduce it significantly enough to improve your quality of life, increase range of motion and improve posture.

Taking great care to treat in a gradual and sensitive way, I always work within your comfort zone. This enables you to relax which means I can access your areas of pain, restrictions and muscular tension in the most effective way.

I use a blend of Eastern and Western techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue work, trigger point therapy, hot/cold stone therapy, amma fusion, sports massage techniques and acupressure.

What conditions can be treated with Advanced Clinical Massage?

Advanced Clinical Massage can bring many benefits to chronic conditions including;

  • Hip problems
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Sciatica and lower back pain
  • RSI conditions (e.g. tennis/golfers elbow)
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Carpal Tunnel

What to expect at one of our treatment sessions

Your initial session will include a thorough consultation and assessment of your situation, (free of charge) to establish an individualised treatment and focus for future sessions. To ensure lasting change, it is advisable that a series of between 3 to 6 treatments are undertaken.

To help aid the recovery process I will give you after-care advice which can include self- massage, stretches and mobilisations for you to do at home between treatments to aid recovery. Subsequent sessions will include feedback, reassessment, massage and self- care.

Our Therapists

Paula Chapman

ACMT (BTEC Level 5), ITEC Dip Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage, CThA

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How many sessions are required?

Each patient is individually assessed.

Treatment Costs:

1 hour session


1 hour 30 minute session


2 hour session


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