Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a profound non invasive treatment which harnesses and utilises our Primary Health as the main resource to facilitate and support transformation and healing. The practitioner listens to the natural Craniosacral rhythm of the body through skilful palpation. This manifests in the subtle fluid tidal motion of the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes and protects the central nervous system. The focus of the treatment is to work with the fundamental life force that is palpable within the CSF, around which the body’s physiology organises itself. Craniosacral therapy respects the body as naturally and instinctively self healing however when we experience overwhelm, trauma or become too imbalanced the system needs support and guidance to help regenerate and resource itself.

It is the role of the Craniosacral Therapist to help the system process shock and anxiety and support re integration within the body which in turn leads to deep, long term healing and resolution of old patterns.

What conditions can be treated with Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy can be beneficial for almost any condition due to its gentle patient led nature. Because the focus is on creating safe space and clear boundaries within which to work it is very suitable for babies and children and during Pregnancy. It is also especially effective when working with any situation where trauma has occurred and full recovery has not been possible.

What to expect at one of our treatment sessions

This treatment is a process. It often happens that major beneficial changes can occur during one session but more commonly it takes time for the system to resource itself and get to a place where it feels safe to reveal the underlying causes of the symptoms it is manifesting. Often in Cranial this can be traced back as far as your own birth as this experience creates a physiological blue print within our system and affects us very deeply.

There is a lot of literature explaining how talking therapies alone can not help a patient to overcome a traumatic event if that experience is still held in the body. The body stores shock in the nervous system and in the tissues that it isn’t able to process at the time and this means that the event is still cycling and active in the system. Craniosacral therapy is a safe and non activating way of supporting the body to disperse these types of physiological issues which in turn benefits our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

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Our Therapists

Viola Santa

MCSP, HCPC registered, VTCT (level 4), Cert. Sports Massage Therapy, GradDip Physiotherapy 1998

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Treatment Duration:

Each Session


How many sessions are required?

It can vary depending on the patient

Treatment Costs:

75 Minute session

Single 75 minute Sessions


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To enquire about this therapy to book a treatment call us now on: 01273 696295

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