Craniosacral Therapy

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment with the client fully clothed lying down on a treatment couch. 

Following a consultation the practitioner places her hands on your body and uses light touch to “listen” to its subtle rhythms and movements and areas of tension. By interacting with those rhythms the practicioner can address aches and pains, emotional and psychological stresses, effects of injury and trauma. 

Applying this skilful and supportive contact within a safe and calm environment allows the nervous system to relax deeply. In this state our innate self-healing capacity is enhanced and the whole body has a chance to unwind. Long held tensions can be released and health and vitality starts to return. 

A reduction in pain, tension and anxiety is often experienced during or after treatment and you may feel more calm and energised with increased clarity of mind. 

What conditions can be treated with Craniosacral Therapy?

Due to its gentle and non-invasive nature this treatment is suitable for all ages and can be beneficial for many condition, acute or chronic.

  • Stress-related symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, low mood, headaches, poor digestion
  • Effects of trauma- physical, emotional, psychological, PTSD
  • Neck, back or joint pains and injuries, post-surgery
  • Neurological conditions, other long term conditions
  • Simply to experience deep relaxation, to increase body- and self-awareness, to support the immune system and promote health and vitality.

What to expect at one of our treatment sessions

On your first visit or during a phone conversation prior to your visit, I will take a case history to get some information about your health, how you are, what brought you to the session and what you hope to get from the treatment. You can add anything you feel is relevant and ask questions. All information you give will be confidential. 

You remain fully clothed during the treatment and lie down on a treatment couch. If that is difficult you could sit on a chair.

I will place my hands on your body, often starting on the feet, and stay in contact with that area for a while. Guided by your body’s subtle movements and expressions I will make contact with other areas such as your back, shoulders or head. Care is taken that you feel comfortable with the contact and that the treatment progresses at the right pace for you. Presence and patience invites the body to open and communicate. 

A gentle dialogue can be useful at times during the treatment to clarify what is unfolding, give feedback or to support you in being with sensations and emotions that may emerge as the body lets go of tensions and energy gets released. If possible allow a bit of time for yourself after the treatment before getting on with the rest of your day.

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How many sessions are required?

Varies depending on the patient. To fully benefit you may need more then one or two session, especially with conditions that you had for longer or that effect you more strongly. 

Treatment Costs:

1 hour 15 minute session


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