Wellbeing Coach

What is wellbeing coaching?

Wellbeing coaching offers you a space in which to understand your current emotional and psychological situation and looks to identify the triggers that are causing feelings of stress, low mood, depression or anxiety. Using the knowledge of your triggers, a wellbeing coach will look to work with you over a series of sessions to build a scaffold to help you to manage them more efficiently and set goals and strategies to help you to move forward. Underpinning all wellbeing coaching are the six themes of the wellbeing wheel; physical activity, mental activity, spirit, connection, mindfulness and care.

Alison is passionate about partnering individuals in finding strategies that enable them maintain a healthy emotional space as well as working with those who are looking to prevent relapse. Using a range of coaching techniques she allows each client to find their own unique solutions that they can take forward to support them in everyday life.


Alison specialises in:

Stress management


Mental health awareness

Indicators and stressors

Goal setting and strategy creation



one hour session

£ 45

  • single one hour session
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